Mass Properties of SSG-Like Scan Mirror


Mass Properties of SSG-like Scan Mirror. Drawing SIC-SCAN-SSG-00.dwg.

Command: _massprop

Select objects: 1 found User Coordinate System (UCS) centered on optical surface of Scan Mirror.

Dimensions are in millimeters. Volume is in cubic millimeters.

AutoCAD Density is 1 (1 gram per cubic millimeter).

For HP SiC the density is 3.35*-3 or 0.00335*-3.

---------------- SOLIDS ----------------

Mass: 714189.4528 mm*3 0.00335*-3 = 2392.534667 grams or 2.39 kilograms

Volume: 714189.4528

Bounding box:


Moments of inertia:

Products of inertia:

Radii of gyration:

Principal moments and X-Y-Z directions about centroid: