652 wide x 456 high (pixel) Shaded Orthographic Image (.DXF surfaces)

P120FB14: General orthographic view of the Target and the Pick-off Mirror. The upper mirror is magenta and green. The rest of the Pick-off Mirror structure is red. The central notch and the lower mirror surface are all that can be seen of the Pick-off Mirror in this view. The Target is a 20 mm square with the quadrants colored red, white, blue, and green, from 1st to 4th quadrants. The 0.05 x 1 mm fiducials in the center of the target can just be seen in this view. The white base of the Pick-off Support Arm is the structure at the bottom of the image. The white lines are index lines originating from the center of the Target and the center of the upper Pick-off Mirror.

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